Related produkt slider

Dokumentace pluginu

Plugin Settings

You can find the plugin settings in Toret Plugins -> Related Products Carousel

Here you find a form containing the settings of the related products carousel:


Related Product Text – Title over related products

Related Product NumberNumber of related products in carousel (total, not just visible products)

Break points and number of columns for different display widths – Carousel contains 4 break points and you can set both their pixel size and the number of columns to be displayed for them. The following picture shows desktop PC settings – 4 columns:


Navigation – Option to turn off arrows of carousel navigation

Navigation Color – Navigation color change in the hex – #000000 format

Font Awesome Usage – If you do not use the Awesome font for arrows, you can turn it off here

Navigation Elements Text – It is possible to use custom text instead of arrows ot an html code for custom icons

Dots – Breadcrumbs navigation will be displayed under the carousel

Autoplay – If enabled, the carousel will start automatically

Infinity loop – If enabled, the carousel will continue in an infinite loop

Stop on hover – The carousel will stop on hoovering

Right padding – This set paddings between carousle columns

Slide by – Number of columns that carousel moves on one step

Nav speed – Move speed when clicking navigation

Autoplay speed – Move speed on autoplay

Autoplay timeout – Time after which autoplay will turn on